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Watch TV Everywhere – How To Get Started

Any CTV subscriber can now watch the channels anywhere, anytime and on any device. There are two easy steps to get going: 1) registering for Watch TV Everywhere, and 2) downloading the channel Apps.

Register for TV Everywhere

Click HERE to register and follow the prompts to create a username and password. You’ll gain access to Camellia Communication’s Watch TV Everywhere within 4 hours. You know it’s working when you login to a channel’s site and see ‘Camellia Communications – Hayneville Telephone’ in the provider list.

Download App

Click on the channel you want to watch below. This will take you to the channel’s website. Select ‘Camellia Communications – Hayneville Telephone’ as your TV provider from the list displayed. Sign in with the Watch TV Everywhere username & password you created.

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