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Camellia Communications symmetrical high speed internet enables the same fast speeds in both directions (up and down).  This fiber-based service is ideal for gamers, telecommuters, online education & distance learning, accessing the cloud, video conferencing, uploading huge video files and more.

We’re the only internet provider in Greenville that offers this blazing fast internet service and you can come along for the ride without paying for setup or installation!



Camellia Symmetrical Internet

Why you need symmetrical high-speed internet:

Compared to Cable Internet or DSL, Camellia’s symmetrical internet connection simply performs better, is highly reliable, and allows you to experience a fuller, more robust internet experience. This is especially true when uploading large files, sharing HD video, Zooming, gaming and accessing the cloud.


Check for availability in your neighborhood. 

Camellia Communication’s fiber network is currently available in some Greenville neighborhoods. Please give us a call or send us a message so we can check if symmetrical internet is available at your location.


Accessible Cloud Services

Easily access and utilize cloud applications at lightning speed. Great for video conferencing, cloud email, file sharing and online gaming.

Fast Upload & Download Speeds

Upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds. Large files and video will upload in seconds instead of minutes.  No data caps – ever!

Multiple Users or Devices

Allows for simultaneous connection of multiple devices with no drop off in speed or performance. Say goodbye to dropped connections!

Connect Quick.
Connect Smart.

Camellia Communications is the only internet provider that can deliver and guarantee symmetrical Internet in the Greenville area. With Camellia symmetrical internet, you get a secure, reliable, direct connection to everything you need.

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