Local services, features and long distance plans that will fit your needs and save you money.

Camellia Long Distance – Your Hometown Advantage

Competitive prices, great service, and a company you know.

Our long distance plans are simple, easy to understand and designed to give you the most value for your long distance calling dollar.

It's simple to get your long distance service from Camellia, and there's no cost to make the switch. Just call 371-3000 or complete the online form.

Q. Will I have to pay more?

A. No. Our prices are competitive, and long distance and local calls will both be on one bill.

Q. Is there any cost to switch?

A. It's free to you. All the costs for switching from your current long distance carrier will be paid by Camellia Communications.

Q. Will I lose any quality?

A. No. Camellia Long Distance uses the same fiber-optic technology as all the other carriers. You'll enjoy the same crystal clear voice quality and smooth data transmission that you do today.

Q. What else will I get if I switch?

A. You'll receive the same personal attention for your long distance service that you now have for your local calls.

Why Choose Camellia Long Distance?
  • You'll receive a customer service representative from the moment the phone is answered.
  • We are right here in the community, eager to see it thrive.
  • We provide personal service and attention with customer service representatives that want to keep your business.

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