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Local service from your Local provider.

Our telecommunication services are among the most advanced in the country. And with Camellia Communications, you're assured of dealing with local professional representatives to assist your every need.

Local Customer Service

You get personal service from technicians in the Greenville area. You'll have local numbers to contact them for installations and service.

Receive ONE Bill

Why use several providers when there is one that offers you exactly what you need! Simplify your life by using Camellia for your Internet, local service and long distance.

Clear & Fast Connections

We provide the latest telecommunications plant using fiber optic cable and advanced fiber systems. These facilities will allow greater clarity in voice and data communications.


Take a look at all of our Custom Calling Features that let you decide how you want to communicate!

LATA-Wide Calling

All calls made outside the expanded calling area that are completed by dialing he seven-digit phone number will be rated at our LATA-Wide Calling Plan. These calls are billed at a rate of .05 per minute. Call will be billed in detail on the customers' bill at no additional charge.

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